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Rudy M Ortiz

Photo of Rudy Ortiz
Professional Title: 
PhD (Molecular and Cell Biology)

Research in my lab focuses on renal and metabolic adaptations to perturbations such as hypertension and prolonged fasting, in either a natural or induced state. Questions regarding electrolyte and water regulation and natural prolonged food deprivation in a variety of animal models including seals and dolphins help us better understand the adaptations these animals have evolved to deal with these seemingly extreme conditions. Comparative species are viable models to address several of the pathophysiological conditions commonly seen in humans.

In addition, our lab is interested in the contributions of aldosterone and angiotensin II to the manifestation of hypertension, and renal and cardiovascular disease. We are also pursuing studies that address the link between diabetes and obesity with hypertension. The role of oxidative stress and inflammation in hypertension and diabetes is of research interest as well as the adaptive mechanisms evolved by seals to counter oxidative stress during prolonged fasting and diving- and sleep apnea-induced hypoxia.